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What equipment should I prepare before hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc? (Rucksack)

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the world's top 10 classic hiking routes and has been recognised by National Geographic as one of the world's top 20 Dream Trails. With a total length of 160 kilometres, it is important to choose and prepare your equipment before embarking on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Starting today, we will explain step-by-step how to choose and prepare the necessary equipment for the Tour du Mont Blanc based on the Tour du Mont Blanc route.

Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking Gear Selection: The Backpack Edition


Backpack Selection: Capacity


At Altitude Trekker, our carefully planned trekking tours around the Tour du Mont Blanc Grand Circuit offer you a luggage transport service, which means that most of your luggage will be transported by us. We strongly recommend that you travel as light as possible, given the burden that excessive backpacking can have on your health. For this reason, you will need to carry a carry-on rucksack with your daily essentials during your trekking journey. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare your trekking backpack efficiently!

Firstly, the storage capacity of a backpack is measured in litres. The larger the capacity, the larger the rucksack. For clients choosing the Grand Tour version of the Tour du Mont Blanc route and having their luggage transported by our tour operator, we recommend a backpack with a capacity of roughly 20-30 litres, carrying around 5-10 kg of luggage. The size of the rucksack should not be higher than the top of your head or lower than your hips.

Backpack Selection: Comfort


Comfort is crucial for walking the full length of the Grand Tour version of the Tour du Mont Blanc! During the trek, we often have to keep backpacking for hours on end, so a comfortable backpack is as important as a well-fitting pair of shoes. The hiking backpacks currently on the market tend to differ according to gender and height, and are designed with different people's sizes and needs in mind.

During the selection process, we need to check if the backpack has enough support structure to share the weight, if the shoulder straps and waistbelt are adjustable and cushioned enough (so that the weight can be better distributed), for women, if there are specially designed shoulder straps to avoid compressing the breasts, and if there is a padded and breathable back (so that the back won't be all wet at the end of the day), and we recommend that you try your backpack out several times before you buy it. Try out your pack several times before you buy it, and above all, be comfortable!

Backpack Selection: Practicality


An efficient backpack should fulfil all your practical needs. Choose an opening design based on personal preference for quick access to your gear. Multiple internal and external pockets and compartments help to organise and separate gear efficiently, ensuring easy access and the adequacy of external pockets (for quick access to items such as water bottles, hats, sunscreen, etc. while travelling). In addition, additional external hang points are critical for carrying additional gear such as ice axes, trekking poles, etc.

We recommend the following items that you should carry with you on the Grand Tour version of the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking route:

- Sun hat

- Sunglasses

- T-shirt (quick-drying)

- Light down jacket

- A rash jacket or rain jacket

- Windproof and quick-drying trousers

- Short socks

- Walking shoes

- Knee pads, gloves, trousers and shorts

- Headlamp

- Mountaineering poles

- 1.5L water bottle or 2L water bag

- Sunscreen

- Personal first aid kit (bandages)

- Lifesaving blanket

- Small personalised bag for documents and important items

- Small euro notes

- Mobile phone charger

- European power adapters

Backpack Selection: Waterproofing


Considering the uncertainty of mountain weather, it's important to choose a backpack with waterproof features. A durable, waterproof backpack will last you for many hikes, so it's important to choose a brand that is reliable and offers a good warranty.

Backpack Selection: Brand


While there are numerous options available in the market, some of the time-tested and high-quality backpacks from renowned brands such as Millet, Osprey,, Deuter, etc., can be prioritised. We recommend that the final choice of backpack should be based on personal trial experience to ensure that the backpack fits your body and needs perfectly.

If you are interested in the preparation of equipment for the Grand Circuit of Mont Blanc trekking and want to know more information about our products and routes, welcome to follow our public number. Simply scan the QR code below to get more practical information and professional advice to help you prepare easily and enjoy your trek.

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