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The world's top ten hiking routes TMB Mont Blanc hiking

Scenery not to be missed while hiking around Mont Blanc

When walking on the roof of Europe, you must not miss discovering the most beautiful panoramic views of the Alps through hiking. You will travel in the world of alpine pastures and mineral deposits. The scenery in these ten days or so is like a slideshow, reflecting your travel experience one by one. Every day is different, but every day is equally exciting.

Why choose us

Altitude Trekker is a travel agency certified by the French Tourist Board and has a financial guarantee from GROUPAMA, France's largest insurance company.

Altitude Trekker is certified by the French Tourism Board, making us the perfect choice for your Alpine adventure.

Local indigenous people take you to explore local culture

Because we are natives from the Alps, we are familiar with the local culture, geography, and proficient in the local language. We will provide you with the latest information on the Alps, recommend private hiking routes, and provide the most authentic food and fun news.

Strong logistics support team

It is the only Chinese ground transportation service company officially certified by the Chamonix Tourism Bureau in France. It has the financial guarantee of GROUPAMA, France's largest insurance company, and the team's vehicle has the qualification of a passenger vehicle for European tourists. There is a physical office at the starting point of the Mont Blanc hike.

Focus on experience and provide high-quality services

With thirty years of experience in the industry and deep experience in private customization, it provides a personalized, exclusive, "one-to-one" high-quality service, emphasizing the travel concepts of "safety", "in-depth experience" and "environmental protection".

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​Customized private small group hiking trip

Altitude Trekker 专业客服团队,为您提供热情周到的服务。


Add customer service

Add customer service WeChat maxiaoxue371932

Design route and analyze requirements

Altitude Trekker 与客户共同确定勃朗峰环线徒步行程细节。


Initial communication design route

Pay deposit in advance and communicate route details

and activity intensity

Altitude Trekker 与客户共同确定勃朗峰环线徒步行程细节。


Confirm itinerary

Confirm itinerary, book vehicle and guide

and accommodation detaile during your trip



signing the contract

Based on the information we sent you

Get ready to start your hiking journey

Fill out the form to request to book a tour with us.

We require a deposit to secure your booking and we will respond to your booking request via email with details as soon as possible!

thank you for contacting!

微信指引,关注altitude trekker了解阿尔卑斯山最新徒步资讯
微信指引,关注altitude trekker了解阿尔卑斯山最新徒步资讯
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