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Education | Why take your child TMB trekking around Mont Blanc?

In the height of summer in July and August, instead of letting your child look at the phone and play games in a cozy room, why not choose to take your child out of their comfort zone actively and take a family hike around Mont Blanc, as the saying goes, it's better to read a book than to walk a thousand miles, and what you learn and see on the road will surely be deeper than what you see on the screen of your cell phone?

"The secret to raising a good man is to let him live in nature."

TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc family hike

Nature tells you what childhood is supposed to be like.

A child's childhood is supposed to be in nature.

You may have long since forgotten the first time you saw a snowy mountain, the first time you heard thunder, the first time you looked up at the stars. But every flower, every tree, every bird and every stone in this world is fresh and amazing to them, and will be deeply imprinted in children's hearts.

"Hardly any adult can see nature, just as most people have a hard time picking up the sun; they see only the surface. The sun shines in the eyes of adults, but flashes in the eyes and hearts of children"

The term "nature-deficit disorder" was first proposed by American author Richard Louv in 2005.

"Nature-deficit disorder" is not a disease, but a widespread phenomenon in society, that is, children spend less and less time in nature, which leads to a series of behavioral and psychological problems. Since then, nature education has emerged and grown rapidly.

"Nature deficit" is not just a lack of cognition, but a poor perception of nature. Being in nature on a regular basis creates a connection with nature and provides comfort in nature. However, nowadays many people, both children and adults, do not do this.

In the city you may not be able to see such clean skies and bright stars on the Mont Blanc Loop; you may not be able to see the wind rising and the clouds rolling in; you may not be able to see such pure streams and lakes, and you may not be able to see thousands of miles of glaciers and snow-covered mountains.

Mont Blanc is like a natural encyclopedia, if beauty is hidden in nature, it is also in the eyes of children.

Bring your children to Mont Blanc to hike, get close to nature, and let their innocence and childishness bloom as freely as the gorgeous wildflowers in the valley.

From the romantic France, to the passionate Italy, to the exquisite Switzerland, witnessing the change of scenery along the way, the food and cultural differences of each country, all these are the beauty that can't be felt in the geography books.

During the hike, you will encounter a wide variety of wildlife, such as the witty and cute red squirrels, the dexterous deer, and the expert climbers, the rock goats, etc. Observing their habits are surprises you won't get to experience in a biology book.

Most of our education nowadays is about the growth of knowledge, but the growth of knowledge does not necessarily lead to the growth of competence.

Learning is a form of competence, and when competence is achieved, learning is naturally not much of a problem. Natural education has verified through practice that knowledge is a result incidental to competence, and that quality and knowledge can go hand in hand.

TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc family hike

Strength is the mark of growth.

When it comes to trekking around Mont Blanc with kids, the first reaction of many parents is to find it hard and tiring. Our customized version of the Tour du Mont Blanc for parents and children retains the best of the classics while reducing the difficulty of the hike, with routes designed to suit children of different ages.

Some children will hike in nature or perhaps feel uncomfortable, such as preferring to stay in bed, being overly shy, being overly petulant and willful, being afraid of getting dirty, being afraid of bugs, etc., and not having the same flow of interaction with nature.

People are part of nature and nature education involves dealing with the relationship between people and nature along with the relationship between people and people and people and self.

A few hours of hiking every day allows your child to spend time with nature, run through wildflowers, collect wild fruits, and observe all kinds of small animals. This is not only a good exercise for your child's physical strength, but also a good training for your child's perseverance.

Seeing stunning scenery and eating wonderful food after grinding and working hard. Hiking around Mont Blanc allows children to change bad habits in life and character, lose pettiness and complaining, and realize the meaning of give and take.

Parents can obviously feel during the hiking process: children in the unfamiliar environment gradually do not fear, more and more cheerful and generous personality, in the hard hiking to show the tough and independent side, these are the most gratifying changes to parents.

Outdoor hiking requires children's self-control and physical strength, through the Mont Blanc hike and the preparation training before the hike can also provide children with all-round exercise, strong body and healthy growth.

TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc family hike

Bringing Parents and Children Closer Together at TMB

When it comes to "nature education", we think more of children. But in fact, parents also need to participate in the "parent-child co-education", children generally have a stronger perception of nature and sensitivity than adults, but when they return home to the influence of their parents are prone to revert to the starting point.

The most important thing during the Tour du Mont Blanc parent-child trek is to accompany and guide, perhaps encountering difficulties along the way, but must continue to encourage the child, which not only enhances the sense of trust between parents and children, but also allows the child to feel the motivation to move forward. The nature as a carrier, a common want to understand the goal, enhance each other's communication.

In our Tour du Mont Blanc parent-child route, we also arrange a lot of parent-child games and teaching activities, etc., to enhance parent-child communication and tacit understanding in the interaction. For example, you can learn how to use a compass and how to protect yourself in the wild through small games.

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is not only a challenge for the children, but also for the parents, who will realize after the walk that you and your children have grown together.

TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc family hike


01. Step by step, choose the difficulty reasonably

Take your children to participate in the Mont Blanc hiking must be measured, according to their own situation and the age of the children to choose the appropriate route. It is not suitable to take some difficult and steep slopes.

02. Prepare well before departure

Let your child know about the Tour du Mont Blanc and outdoor hiking in advance. Prepare your child's traveling supplies and make a list of items to prevent them from forgetting, and let them have a full sense of participation; warm up with your child and set up a goal before the start of the hiking trip.

03. Safety First

During the hiking process, you must keep an eye on your child and not let him out of your sight. It is best to hold hands when walking up steep places to avoid unnecessary accidents.

04. Summarize

After the end of the hike, you can induce the children to write down their own hiking experience and summarize the let.


TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc family hike

Itinerary customization

Life is a long way, come to the Tour du Mont Blanc to accompany your children on one of the most exciting and unforgettable paths, contact us to exclusively customize the most suitable itinerary for your family!

We are waiting for you in the Alps!

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