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Tips|The safety guide to hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc: life-saving tips and safety advice ( highly recommended for bookmarking and forwarding! )

As one of the world's top 10 hiking challenges, pre-trip preparation for the TMB Tour du Mont Blanc trek is essential. Especially the full distance of more than 160 kilometers means long walks of 6 to 8 hours a day for more than a week. Therefore, preparation in all aspects is very important.

How to deal with emergencies when you are on a multi-day trekking trip? Today we at Chamonix Altitude trekker Outdoor Adventures, Snowy, tell you how to cope with emergencies on the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking route?

Tour du Mont Blanc Guide: Accident Response 


Next, I'm going to talk to you in-depth about emergency rescue situations on the mountain, especially what to do in case of an accident at high altitudes like Mont Blanc. Whether you're an experienced mountaineer or a first-time adventurer on an alpine trek, it's vital to know how to call for help and save yourself in the event of an accident.

What is an emergency

01 学会判断什么是紧急情况

Any situation where your own life or the lives of others are in danger and you are unable to act to resolve the situation. For example, if a team member falls and breaks a bone, but is unable to move or has a condition such as heavy bleeding that prevents you from making a quick response, if it is determined that it is, grab a hold of them and send out a call for help.

When to call for help

02 何时求救

The following situations call for immediate help:

- You are at the scene of an accident (broken bones, severe trauma, serious injuries, etc.)

- You are trapped somewhere after a fall or a change in terrain (rocky outcrops, steep slopes, glaciers or ice crevasses, etc.).

- Or when you are disoriented, trapped, and time and environmental conditions prevent you from proceeding.

- You are stranded due to objective hazards (rapid deterioration of weather, rock slides, avalanches, etc.).

- You are stranded due to technical difficulties beyond your ability.

- First things first: don't panic, stay calm and analyze the situation. If the person in difficulty is difficult to approach, do not take risks.

Priority actions

03 首要行动

- Protecting victims from cold and environmental risks and using thermal blankets to insulate trapped people from heat loss

- carrying out a full assessment of the victim and the situation.

- If you are able, administer first aid

Requests for help

04 求助信息

Be accurate and concise with all of the following information:

- Location (elevation, landmarks, what people are wearing, etc. so you can find it easily)

- Number of victims

- Type of accident and injuries

- Your name and possibly your cell phone number

If you are at the scene when help arrives:

- Visibly mark your position by extending your arms to form a Y shape

- Secure any objects that may be blown away when the helicopter arrives.

- When the helicopter arrives, remain stationary and wait for the machine to come to a complete stop and for rescue personnel to land.

- If rescue is delayed, don't be in a hurry and find shelter

Useful informations

05 有用信息

- Conventional signals for helicopters are: remain stationary, stand, arms in a Y shape

- Optical-acoustic rescue signal: 1 signal every 10 seconds for 1 minute

- Check your surroundings for objects that could be blown away by the helicopter's rotor blades

- When the helicopter approaches, crouch and remain stationary until rescuers land

Mountain SOS

06 山地求救电话

Mountain helpline on the Tour du Mont Blanc route:

- Italie        112

- France      112

- Suisse  144

- Protezione Civile (It) 800 319 319

- PGHM Chamonix (fr) +33 04 50 53 16 89

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