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Tips | Take the quiz to find out which month is best for you to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a hiking route that is unanimously recognized by mountaineers as one of the world's top 10 classic hiking routes, and has been named one of the world's top 20 Dream Trails by National Geographic. With a total length of 160 kilometers, it is important to choose and prepare your equipment before embarking on a trek around Mont Blanc.

During the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking season, from May to October, each month displays unique climatic characteristics that determine the weather conditions the trek will face. Choosing a different month means experiencing different climatic variations, from cool and dry to warm and humid, offering a wide variety of challenges and scenic views.

When can I start the TMB


The Tour du Mont Blanc Classic trek crosses several high mountain passes that are prone to avalanches in winter, so the Tour du Mont Blanc Classic can only be done in summer. Typically, the start of the Tour du Mont Blanc season depends on the amount of snowfall during the previous winter and the temperatures in April and May. In most years, it is possible to start trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc in early June. With global warming, more and more people are starting the Tour du Mont Blanc trek in late May, so when is the best time to do the Tour du Blanc trek?

Which is the best TMB month


In fact, because of different personal preferences and expectations, we can't determine for you which month is the best time to do the Tour du Mont Blanc trek; everyone has different expectations of the Tour du Blanc, so the time that works best for you may be completely different from others. We will describe each month of the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking season and detail their pros and cons to help you determine when is the best time for you to do the Tour du Blanc.

If you love snowy mountains


With the global warming, the end of May has become a new beginning for the trekking adventure around Mont Blanc. This season, when people embark on the trekking route of the Tour du Mont Blanc, they will find that the high passes of the Alps are still cloaked in winter snow. This is both testing and scenic for hikers. Such a choice of time not only tests the courage and preparation of the hiker, but also gives the journey a rare beauty, making it a challenge to discover natural wonders unlike any other month.

If you love the sea of flowers


In June, the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking season ushers in cooler and drier weather, with comfortable temperatures in the valleys of around 18°C. This month, as the temperatures gradually rise, the natural landscapes of the Alps take on the life and vitality of the summer season, especially the sea of flowers that roam the hills, a sea of flowers for all to enjoy.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider; some of the cable cars and alpine huts may not be open yet. But if everyone loves nature and has a keen interest in alpine plants in particular, June is undoubtedly the perfect time to explore the unique beauty of the Tour du Mont Blanc.

If you love the warmth of the sun


By July, the Tour du Mont Blanc hiking season sees a rise in temperatures. During this month, the valley temperatures are around 21°C, with the warmth of summer and the coolness of the mountains intertwining to provide hikers with a colorful nature experience. As the snow on the passes decreases, all the gondolas and alpine huts begin to operate, but at the same time be prepared for the possibility of afternoon showers. If you prefer warmer weather, July is definitely the time to go, and there are plenty of hikers with other hikers to meet in the huts, so it's not a bad time to chat and make friends.

If you love the height of summer


As soon as August arrives, the Tour du Mont Blanc welcomes the enthusiasm of summer, with temperatures capable of soaring above 30°C. At this time, both the cable cars and the alpine huts open their doors to welcome guests, and the hiking trips become more convenient for everyone. Instead of winter snow, the mountains are filled with flowers and a wide variety of delicacies to delight the eyes as well as the palate.

The Tour du Mont Blanc in August not only offers vibrant natural landscapes, but also cultural events such as the Tour du Mont Blanc Supercross (UTMB), which energizes the entire valley. However, be prepared for sudden thunderstorms this month, and there will be more people and a buzz. For trekkers who like a lively atmosphere, August is definitely the way to go, but don't forget to pack your waterproofs, just in case.

If you love fall scenery


On a September hike around Mont Blanc, you'll feel the coolness and serenity of fall. This is the time of year when the larch in the valleys begin to turn yellow, the fall colors are stunning, the whole valley is a golden sight, and it is usually a dry month. Be aware, however, that with the end of the season some of the gondolas may be out of service and some of the huts will be closed, which means that there may be fewer opportunities to sample the local cuisine. However, most of the main huts will still be open. For hikers who love the smell of fall and cooler weather, September is definitely the month for you.

If you like tranquility


Entering early October also means that the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking season is drawing to a close. At this time of year, crowds are sparse, offering a unique experience for trekkers who love peace and quiet. At this time of year, trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc is more likely to result in wildlife encounters and allows you to feel the vibrancy of nature. As fall progresses, temperatures gradually drop and the first snowfalls occur at higher altitudes, making Mont Blanc in the distance look especially spectacular against the fresh snow. If you seek a hiking experience unlike any other and appreciate the beauty and serenity of solitude, the Tour du Mont Blanc in October awaits your exploration.

How to Choose Your Best TMB Time


There is no such thing as the "perfect" month to do the Tour du Mont Blanc! The best time to do it depends on your personal expectations, preferences and schedule, and often compromises may need to be made for various reasons. For example, you may want to avoid the crowds, but want to hike in warm weather. In this case, you need to decide which factor is more important. If you are unable to choose a month, you do not need to get too hung up on it, as each month has its own unique scenery.

For those who want to sign up for our Tour du Mont Blanc trek, don't worry if you can't choose the best month to trek, our team of professional and enthusiastic guides will help and advise you accordingly. Whether it's snowshoeing or heat and fitness issues, our guides will be by your side to ensure that your trekking experience is both safe and enjoyable. If necessary, we can even help you shorten your journey by using public transportation. Of course, basic fitness is still a must. If you are feeling challenged, training in advance will be helpful. If you have any other questions about how to prepare for the Tour du Mont Blanc trek, please feel free to leave a comment on our public website or contact our customer service directly for advice!

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