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Tips | How to take advantage of the TMB Tour du Mont Blanc?

Some of our recent team members who came back from the TMB Tour du Mont Blanc hiking classic Grand Circle were surprised to find that the whole journey was 187KM, isn't the Grand Circle the legendary 168KM? How did they manage to spend the same amount of time and the same entry fee, but see more scenery than others, and earn it back that way?

Rated as one of the world's top 20 Dream Trails, the Mont Blanc trek is about 170 kilometres long with 10,000 metres of elevation gain and loss.

Instead, our crew travelled almost 190KM, which can be considered as blood money!

What is this all about?

It turned out to be because our team members were well prepared in the country before the start of the Tour du Boeuf, exercising regularly in advance, strengthening their bodies, training their physical fitness, and their trekking equipment was also well prepared.

When it was time to actually start the Tour du Bois trek, the French guide took it upon himself to make the trek more difficult for them by leading them on an unplanned route, which was kind of a big surprise!

On the Mont Blanc trek, the weather scenery changes as the altitude rises and falls, and each day on Mont Blanc is unknown, full of different beauty, and different for everyone.

Being physically fit and healthy allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Tour du Mont Blanc and all its moments in nature, and it also reduces the burden on our guides and teammates.

Forging recommendations

In order to enhance your Tour du Mont Blanc trekking experience, it is recommended to start physical training two or three months before your trip: for example, jogging 5-10 kilometres or cycling three times a week, but also short hikes or swims to enhance your fitness and cardiorespiratory fitness, so that you are better able to enjoy the beauty of nature on your outdoor trek.

Each of the guides leading our trek around Mont Blanc is qualified as a French national mountain trekking guide, an EU international guide, and a French national alpine guide.

In the mountains is the territory of experienced guides, each guide also has their own exclusive private routes, as long as you can keep up with the physical strength, the guide "small stove", appropriately increase the difficulty of the hike, to take you to enjoy more unknown scenery!

The views on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek are definitely not static; a hundred guides have a hundred different spurs, and even if you came on the trek last year and come back this year for a second swipe, you'll probably see a very different view.

On the Tour du Mont Blanc hiking trail, you will also meet hikers from all over the world: you will see faces with different skin colours, smiles on different faces, hear greetings in various languages, and the same thing is that everyone has the same goal in mind.

Mont Blanc is like a book that brings the world together, each page has a different excitement, how to turn it is up to you to decide, just waiting for you to savour reading.

You may be looking at a highland meadow today.

Wildflowers everywhere, cowbells ringing.

Tomorrow we'll see snow-capped mountains.

Glacial lakes

You could be in France today

Tomorrow you could have a foot in Switzerland

Even the little wildflowers are beautiful and colourful

There are also various forms of wood and stone

"Swimming upstream" in a rushing stream

The difficulties we may encounter on the trek are not only physical discomforts, but also psychological obstacles, you need to have strong perseverance and full psychological preparation.

The weather in the mountains can be very changeable, and when you're travelling in the sun and looking at the endless road ahead; when the sky starts to rain heavily and you don't really know how far ahead you are, you might ask yourself: why did you come here?

But if you've stuck with it all,

Then you've won yourself.

When you're out of breath from the walk, Mont Blanc won't let you down, you'll see views that will blow you away, and then it'll all be worth it.

You'll also be glad and thankful that you stuck with it.

A strong body and a strong heart can help you to go better and farther on the trekking journey of the Tour du Boeuf and gain more beautiful sceneries.

Get ready and come join us.

Contact us.

We are always waiting for you in the Alps!

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