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Recommended | Meet the colourful Mont Blanc in Autumn

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year, and the Alps are the most beautiful place in autumn. In this golden autumn, Mont Blanc has the colourfulness that other seasons don't have, so bring your family and friends to TMB to hike around Mont Blanc, see the maple leaves all over the place, and reap the most fascinating views of the mountains and waters in autumn.

Tour du Mont Blanc

金秋时节 - 环勃朗峰徒步

The climate in Mont Blanc in autumn is pleasantly warm, with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius during the day, sparse and mostly nocturnal rainfall, and almost always clear skies, high autumn temperatures, and white clouds wandering over the mountains at trekking times.

At this time of year there is no shortage of scenery in the mountains that still has a bit of summer life left in it, and even more of the gradual colouring of the layers of forests and the stacking of greenery in autumn.

Autumn must be the time of year when Mont Blanc is at its fullest in terms of colour and scenery.

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek in autumn also allows you to encounter a lot of wildlife that comes out to feed freely in this vast area.

The autumn Mont Blanc trekking and relatively off-season, you will not encounter the hut full, queuing to wash, etc., if you are lucky, you may also be able to book a double room, or two people exclusive use of 4 rooms and other vip treatment.

There are fewer hikers in the mountains at this time of the year, and you can meet the same group of people almost every day, from a simple greeting at the beginning to sharing their respective hiking lives, and we gradually become familiar with each other.

Admiring the magnificent glacial snow-capped peaks in the midst of a golden autumn day.

Feel the ultimate beauty at the top of snow-capped mountains;

Experience the exotic flavour of the Alpine towns.

Most people can only be admirers of Mont Blanc, and you, on the other hand, have become a Mont Blanc climber.

Hiking around Mont Blanc is not only about the scenery, but also about opening a window to your heart and seeing the world through it. Keeping passion and curiosity for life is what hiking can bring to you.

Tour du Mont Blanc


Tour de Mont Blanc - Classic

Duration of trip: 9 days 8 nights

Hiking distance: 170KM

Accommodation: Comfort Hotel / Speciality B&B / Alpine Chalet

Hiking difficulty: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Suitable for people: moderate hiking intensity, is the first choice of many outdoor enthusiasts

Tour du Mont Blanc - Low Intensity Hotel Edition

Duration of trip: 8 days 7 nights

Hiking distance:  90KM

Accommodation: Comfort Hotel

Hiking difficulty: ⭐️ ⭐️

Suitable for people: Selected highlights of the road, hiking difficulty is low, suitable for outdoor experts who focus on comfortable experience.

Tour de Mont Blanc - Leisurely Parenting Edition

Duration of trip: 9 days 8 nights

Hiking distance:  90KM

Accommodation: Comfort Hotel / Speciality B&B

Hiking difficulty: ⭐️ ⭐️

Suitable for people: The hiking intensity is low, and various parent-child interactive games are specially set up on the way, which is suitable for families who come to hike with children.

List of items:

  • Sun hat or duck hat; sunglasses; bandana;

  • Sunscreen

  • T-shirt (quick-drying); fine woollen jumper;

  • Light down jacket;

  • Punching jacket (Gore-Tex) or rain jacket;

  • Windproof and quick-drying trousers (there is a big difference in temperature between day and night in the mountains); short socks (made of wool, heat and moisture wicking, and of good material);

  • Hiking shoes (portable, high-topped, non-slip, good grip);

  • Knee pads; gloves; trousers (adjustable length, bring a few pairs for changing);

  • Slippers, trainers; personal necessities (earplugs and light sheets are recommended);

  • Light toiletries; headlamp (with spare batteries);

  • Hiking poles; 1.5L water bottle or 2L water bag;

  • Sunscreen; Camera (optional).

  • A small personalised bag for documents and valuables and a mountaineering bag.

  • Small denomination euro

  • Mobile phone charger/European power adapter plug

  • Camelbak for luggage transport

Fee Includes:

  • Full board hotel or speciality B&B with breakfast

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off service by private car

  • A certified mountain guide to accompany you throughout the hike

  • Luggage transport service during the trek

  • Complimentary logistical support to transport guests to the next trekking point in case of sprained feet or illnesses

  • Public transport costs as mentioned in the itinerary and private car transfers during the trek.

  • French breakfast, French-Italian-Swiss dinner during the trek, and road meals such as European salad, pasta, ham and cheese for lunch, or Chinese noodle dishes with hot sauce for Chinese tastes.

  • Chinese and English logistic support

Costs do not include:

  • International air tickets from China to Geneva

  • Lunch on the first day of arrival and lunch on the eighth day of free time, meals during free time in Courmayeur

  • Drinks and beverages

  • Visa and insurance fees

  • Entrance fees or expenses for sightseeing during free time activities

  • Trekking insurance

  • Tips for guides and drivers (60 euros to thank the guide at the end of the programme for satisfactory service, and 10-15 euros for the driver if you use the luggage trolley during the trek due to ill-health)


  • Breakfast: Usually continental breakfast with juice; coffee; bread; jams, milk etc.

  • Lunch: Road meal, mainly based on local Alpine specialities, local hams and sausages; vegetable salads, Alpine speciality cheeses, fruits, etc.; we are also equipped with Chinese pasta with chilli sauce, etc.

  • Dinner: mainly based on local specialities, French-Italian-Swiss respectively, similar to Swiss cheeses, or equipped with local specialities such as meats, spaghetti, veal, cheeses, also adapted to vegan trekkers (communicated in advance to the guides)

Accommodation and logistics:

  • Comfortable hotels throughout the whole journey, some characteristic lodges (according to the details can consult the single room difference), according to the group registration booking situation

  • Luggage transport, use of collapsible camelbak for easy handling in the chalet, trolley bags will be stored in the hotel at the starting point of the trek when they are empty.

Terms of sale:

1. 60 days before free cancellation of booking, deposit fully refunded.

2. 31-60 days cancellation, full 70% refund.

3. 21-30 days cancellation, full 30% refund.

4. 20 days cancellation, no refund.

5. 20 days or more before the departure date of the visa refused and issued a valid certificate of refusal, a full refund.

6. The final payment is due 30 days before departure.

6. After the start of the activity, if you are unable to complete the activity due to your own reasons and choose to withdraw, the full payment will not be refunded.

7. If the activity cannot be completed due to weather or other force majeure after the start of the activity, the full amount will not be refunded.

8. Please confirm with customer service before purchasing the air ticket.

When you're tired of the hustle and bustle of the city.

take your family and friends to find yourself in nature.

Come and see the Alps in autumn.

We are waiting for you in the mountains of golden autumn colours!

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