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News | Did you know about the hottest sky run in the Alps?

There are two Mont Blanc feasts: the Mont Blanc Mountain Marathon at the end of June, a pilgrimage destination for marathon runners from all over the world; and the UTMB at the end of summer, the ultimate temple for trail runners from all over the world.

This year's Mountain Marathon has come to a perfect end, with top trail runners from all over the world gathering in the small town of Chamonix for a fierce competition and a new round of glory!

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Mont Blanc Mountain Marathon

90KM Ultra-marathon

Men's group

Champions: Xavier THEVENARD

Second place: Patrick BRINGER

Third place: Germain GRANGIER

Women's group

Champions: Katie SCHIDE

Second place: Martina VALMASSOI

Third place: Maryline NAKACHE

90km Men's Champion: Xavier THEVENARD

90km Women's Champion: Katie SCHIDE

42KM All-marathon

Men's group

Champions: Davide MAGNINI

Second place: Nadir MAGUET

Third place: Bartlomiej PRZEDWOJEWSKI

Women's group

Champions: Ruth Charlotte CROFT

Second place: Silvia RAMPAZZO

Third place: Eli Anne DVERGSDAL

42KM Men's Champion: Davide MAGNINI

42KM Women's Top 3

23KM half-marathon

Men's group

Champions: Julien MICHELON

Second place: Spehler SEBASTIEN

Third place: Romain BUISSART

Women's group

Champions: Lucille GERMAIN

Second place: Céline JEANNIER

Third place: Georgia WOOD

23KM Men's Champion: Julien MICHELON

23KM Women's Champion: Lucille GERMAIN

23KM Women's Top 3

3.8KM Vertical

Men's group

Champions: Jacob ADKIN

Second place: Joseph MORWOOD

Third place: Yann GUDEFIN

Women's group

Champions: Christel DEWALLE

Second place: Iris PESSEY

Third place: Karley REMPEL

3.8KM Vertical Marathon Men's Top 3

Top 3 in 10KM Men's Division

Marathon runners from all over the world gather in the small town of Chamonix in the Alps.

Players' struggles ignite sports atmosphere in Chamonix

We're also very proud of our Chinese competitors.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

90km Ultra Marathon

The most difficult ultramarathon in the category of the Mont Blanc Marathon, the 90km Ultramarathon, is known as one of the most technically difficult trail running routes in France.

The ultramarathon is 90 kilometres in length, with an altitude climb of 6,220 metres, some sections need to be carried out in the snow, coupled with the unusual climatic changes in the mountains, where hot and cold are uncertain, and wind and rain are the norm, you need a wealth of cross-country experience and superior stamina if you want to complete the ultramarathon. Finishing the race will earn you 5 ITRA points.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

42km full marathon

The Mont Blanc Full Marathon is 42 kilometres long with 2780 metres of elevation gain and a closing time of 9 hours. Finishers receive 2 ITRA points.

Don't underestimate the full marathon, as less than half of the participants finish it every year!

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

Vertical 3.8KM

The Vertical Marathon is a short distance, but it's definitely not as easy as you might think! With a cumulative rise of 1,000 metres over 3.8 kilometres, the course seems to go straight up into the clouds.

In addition to the astounding views of Mont Blanc, you can experience first-hand the perseverance of the trail runners that inspires all to keep going.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

23km half-marathon

The half-marathon category is 23 kilometres long, with an elevation gain of 1,665 metres, a closing time of five hours and one ITRA point for finishing.

Marathon du Mont-Blanc

10 kilometres

The 10km category has an elevation gain of 325 metres with a small hill in the middle and is highly recommended for entry level runners.

From the toughest 90 kilometre ultramarathons, to verticals that push the boundaries, to semi-inspiring full marathons... This summer, the world's top runners will bring us another marathon feast. We also wish our Chinese runners the best of luck in this year's race!

After watching the Tour du Mont Blanc Marathon are you also passionate and fascinated by the glamour of outdoor sports?

Do you want to experience the beauty and passion of the Tour du Mont Blanc for yourself, but are worried that you are not a professional marathon runner?

That's OK! We have created a series of trekking routes around Mont Blanc for you to experience the beauty of Mont Blanc to the fullest!

Join us for the Tour du Mont Blanc this summer!

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