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Mystery | Secrets of the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most popular treks in the world, and for good reason. First of all, it passes through idyllic mountain villages; lush alpine forests and bright, fragrant meadows and seas of flowers; it passes waterfalls, lakes and huge granite towers; it passes through barren alpine valleys and muddy glacial rivers. Moreover, the TMB route passes through many mountain huts, so you can always find a chance to take a break and try a variety of local food and snacks. Experience a feast for all the senses on the Tour du Mont Blanc!

Tour du Mont Blanc Guide: Routes Edition


Looking for some little known stories about the Tour du Mont Blanc trek (TMB)? Let us tell you some of our favorite hiking spots and must-sees as local guides! I'll be taking you through the secrets on the TMB route next.

Basic information about the Tour du Mont Blanc


You probably already know some information about the Tour du Mont Blanc trek (TMB), but before we reveal our top Tour du Blanc secrets, here's some basic information you need to know before you go on the trek:

- The TMB Tour du Mont Blanc is a hut-to-hut multi-day trek in the Alps!

- The classic TMB route circles the slopes opposite Mont Blanc.

- It crosses three countries (France, Italy and Switzerland).

- The classic route is over 160 kilometers long and has a cumulative climb of about 10,000 meters.

- It usually takes 7-10 days to complete the classic TMB trek.

- The trek has many "offshoots" that make the route more difficult or easier, longer or shorter.

- The TMB Tour du Mont Blanc is considered to be a "challenging" trek.

- The trails cross high mountain valleys and are rugged and winding.

- The highest point of the TMB is at 2665 meters, so there is no high altitude sickness.

- The toughest stage is the climb to the Fenêtre d'Arpette, a spur of the TMB's Tour du Mont Blanc, which attracts many teams each year, depending on the weather.

Little Known TMB Secrets


As a local guide, I will share with you the top secrets of our route. These little-known local features also add extra fun to your Tour du Mont Blanc trek!

Local Specialty Cheese


Delicious Beaufort cheese:

Visit the Alpage de la Ville des Glaciers dairy farm en route to the TMB. Located on the French section of the TMB's Tour du Mont Blanc trek, the farm's cheeses have been rated as one of the best in France, and are available for tasting and purchase.

What is Beaufort cheese:

Beaufort is an aged hard cheese, the best cheese in Savoy! Inside the country farm house there are huge Beaufort wheels and curious dairy equipment. Meanwhile you can see the cows happily grazing in the surrounding meadows.

Why it's a secret:

This is a must visit for any cheese lover and anyone interested in traditional Alpine farming methods. It's a little known TMB secret because it's not mentioned in many guides, but tasting it once should be one of the best cheeses you've ever eaten, yay for foodie recommendations.

Lac du miage


Where is the location:

On the TMB Italian trail into France, with a slight long detour, you can reach a small heart shaped lake. Perfect for a lunch picnic, looking out over the small lake and glacier.

Why it's recommended:

Along the way, you will pass many beautiful lakes. The White Lake is beautiful but can be very crowded as it can be easily reached by cable car. Similarly, Lake Chambé is special, but it's located in the center of town. lac z miage small lake is our personal favorite because it's quiet and located in the mountains. It's a little gem of a TMB, and because it's slightly off the trail, most hikers don't even notice it.

Mountain Museums


Where is the location:

Located below the Col de la Seige, on the TMB route, there is a lone hut here who is actually a mountain museum.

Why it's recommended:

This beautifully restored building began as an Italian post. Located just below the Franco-Italian border line, Casermetta is perfectly positioned to overlook France. In the 1930s, the building was taken over by an Italian detachment who launched secret raids on France. After the end of World War II, Casermetta was renovated and slowly became what it is today: a meeting place for mountain lovers as well.

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