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Cinema | Heidi and Grandpa, a young girl from the Alps, is coming soon, should we go? (Benefits at the end of the article)

The movie "Heidi and Grandpa" starring Bruno Gantz "The Führer" has officially announced that it has been scheduled for May 16th, and has revealed the scheduling poster and teaser trailer. Caution! The movie starts in theaters this week! The movie is adapted from the centuries-old bestselling Swiss classic novel Heidi, which tells the healing story of Heidi, a warm and kind-hearted little girl who is dependent on her grandfather.

In addition to the refreshing scenery, the innocent children's hearts, warm-hearted affection and optimistic attitude towards life shown in the movie all make people long for the Alps. Snowballs have already seen the movie first overseas, the movie was released overseas box office word of mouth, shortlisted in the Douban TOP250 list, rating up to 8.9 points. Today snowball children will be this Alpine story of the movie recommended to you.

It's going to be online in every major theater in the country, so I'm asking: Is it a date?


Maiden of the Alps - Heidi


Reason #1: World Masterpieces - Literary Significance

Heidi (German: Heidi) is the collective name for two books of children's literature written by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. Johanna Spyri published the books Heidi's Apprenticeship and Traveling Years in 1880 and Heidi Applies What She Learned in 1881. Today these two books are among the most famous children's literature in the world. To this day people think of Switzerland in terms of the romantic, idealistic country that Spyri wrote about.

This is an ideal country in people's mind, an outdoor peach.

But the book also does not forget to depict the suffering of the lower classes in the 19th century: Heidi herself is an orphan, and her aunt works as someone else's maid.


From a literary point of view, this movie has a concise and vivid story that portrays lifelike characters.


Heidi, whose name was Adelheid when she was christened, was an orphan with a rough fate, but ultimately a happy ending. The story described in the book takes place between the ages of five and nine for Heidi.


Peter is a shepherd boy and Heidi's best best friend. He doesn't like to go to school, but he's very dutiful, so he often helps his family herd his sheep.


Grandfather lives alone in a cabin in the mountains because he is angry and upset with people. Through Heidi's help, he is able to start interacting with people again.


Clara is the daughter of a wealthy family, but is paralyzed in the lower half of her body. With Heidi's help she overcomes her loneliness and later even her handicap.


Reason #2: Educational

In addition to the touching plot of this story, there is also something for parents to think about. Should today's children maintain an initial innocence?

The smooth style of the movie and the innocent storyline. We have to be touched by the freshness and nature of this world.

Little Heidi's optimism, kindness and innocence touched everyone, she is always contented, even in the material conditions are very poor place can find out their own flash and happy point, she is like a happy bird flying freely in the mountains, let a person feel infinite beauty.

Sometimes, as an outdoor company and organizer of parent-child activities, we also hope that the children who come to hike in the Alps will feel the joy of this freedom and find an innocent experience.

The kind little girl would grieve for her grandmother's blindness, would willingly give up her lunch to protect the goats from the lash, and would silently endure and suppress the bitterness of her thoughts in Mr. Seaman's house in Frankfurt so that no one would think her ungrateful.

She also saves white bread for her blind grandmother and saves her share every day to give to her grandmother to eat, and even at the end when Clara's grandmother asks her about her wishes she always thinks of others, she wants to give her blind grandmother a big comfy bed and a thick quilt ......

Take Clara, the noble lady, along to drink milk in the most natural way, let go of her knots and embrace nature. It is also a pavement for Clara to slowly regain her ability to walk.

Loves the critters, mingles with the goats on the farm, the critters.

No longer a prissy little princess.


Reason #3: Healing Alpine Scenery

In the scenic mountain villages at the foot of the Alps, you will find large clusters of pines and cypresses and, of course, the chalet, a unique Alpine chalet.

In winter the cabin is covered with a thick blanket of snow, and a pine scent fills the room as you light the wood in the fireplace.

There are eagles circling in the sky, hares running on the ground, and all sorts of animals living freely in the area.

Once spring comes around the wildflowers flood the hills and we can run free here.

Besides the most beautiful mountains in the Alps, there are countless lakes in the movies that give a feeling of relaxation. The valleys of Italy, Switzerland, and France have countless lakes, large and small, that look like jewels.

Looking up at the snow-capped mountains is like strolling through a wonderland, and there are views like this on the Tour du Mont Blanc hike.

I can't tell you how healing it is to look at the blue sky and white clouds in the wildflowers with a small group of friends and forget all your worries.

The two little ones are playing a game.

The Alps are rich in water and grass, and there is plenty of alpine pasture here.

In addition to the delicious beef produced in the Alps, there are also cheese products, sausages and hams that are essential.

Alpine pastures with herds of cattle and sheep.

Scene of Heidi flying through a sea of flowers.

Be free with the critters.

The traditional man carrying a sedan chair.

The moment when little Heidi was reunited with her grandfather was touching.

Farm life on a farm, chickens, ducks, geese, and haystacks.

Typical small Alpine village.

Alpine meadow scenery in the Alps.

Daily life in the Alps.

Little Heidi after her return to the Alps.

The life of an Alpine shepherd, and nowadays we can still meet little boys like this on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek.

There is a carefree life and fresh and natural mountains.

In the Alps in summer, the snow-capped mountains are still rolling in.

Fall-Dandelions scatter the fields.

The Alps are thriving in the spring.

Family sport in the Alps in winter - sledding.

Finally, after seeing the beautiful landscapes and the touching story, don't you want to go to the big screen of the cinema to experience this beauty from the Alps?

Make a date with your friends or bring your little ones along to discover the Alps. How about it?


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