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All you need to know about the Tour de Mont Blanc is here (10 questions and 10 answers).

The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a trek that is unanimously recognized by mountaineers as one of the world's top 10 classic hiking routes, and was named one of the world's top 20 Dream Trails by National Geographic. The Grand Circuit around Mont Blanc is 160 kilometers long, so preparation is crucial before embarking on a trek around Mont Blanc. Today, Snowy, who has already traveled a dozen laps of the Tour du Mont Blanc circuit and is based in Chamonix, gives you a 10 Questions and 10 Answers.

Tour du Mont Blanc Guide: Q&A Section


Trekking around Mont Blanc is an explorer's dream. In this Q&A, we provide some essential information about this spectacular trek in the form of ten questions and answers. From the time required for the route and the intensity of the route, to the best seasons for hiking and advice on accommodation, we cover every important topic to ensure your trip is both safe and memorable. Whether you're a first-time challenger or an experienced trekker, here's everything you need to know.

Question & Answer 01

How long does it take to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc?

For a full Tour du Mont Blanc trek, it usually takes between 9 and 11 days, depending on the route chosen. We have designed our full Tour du Mont Blanc Grand Circuit route to be 11 days, covering the first and last day of arrival and departure, in order to allow enough time to adjust to jet lag, get in shape, buy the necessary equipment, and start the Tour du Blanc challenge in a gradual manner to provide you with an enjoyable trip.

Question & Answer 02

Is it possible to complete the Tour de Langfang trek in 7 days?

If time is limited, it is possible to do the Tour de Mont Blanc in 7 days. For example, we offer a trek around Mont Blanc called the "High Line", which is more Alpine than the traditional route, is wilder and can be done in seven days. It's a fantastic glacier crossing, but requires some outdoor experience and physical strength!

Question & Answer 03

Is the Tour du Rang trek a difficult trek?

Compared to other European Alpine treks, the Tour du Mont Blanc trek is not a particularly difficult route, as it has essentially no technically difficult sections and the daily elevation changes are manageable. In addition, the trail is in good condition most of the time, and while some sections may be steep or rocky, there are always safer alternatives, so it is suitable for young and old alike. Most importantly, we keep our hikes at moderate elevations. There is no risk of altitude sickness compared to other higher altitude routes such as abc or ebc in Nepal. In general, the difficulty level of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek is moderate.

Question & Answer 04

What is the best season for trekking in the Tour du Rang? 

The best season for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc is from early June to early October. This is the season when the alpine huts are open. From June 1, the days become longer and the weather is perfect for hiking. In the Mont Blanc mountain system, the vegetation is lush and mid to early June is the ideal time for nature lovers. However, it is important to note that snow in the evenings may affect access to some sections of the trail, in places such as the Alpe d'Huez pass.

Question & Answer 05

Is it possible to camp on the Tour du Rang trek?

Camping on the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek is strictly regulated in three countries. In France, camping is only allowed one hour from any motorized access, tents must be erected after 7pm and dismantled by 7am. In the Aosta Valley region of Italy, camping is only allowed at altitudes above 2,500 meters, which requires a reasonable itinerary and proper equipment. In Switzerland, camping is forbidden and you must choose to stay in an alpine hut or campsite, which needs to be booked in advance.

Question & Answer 06

Why book your trip through a local outdoor company

While it is perfectly possible to organize your own trip for the Tour du Mont Blanc trek, there are a number of benefits to going through a local expedition company for your itinerary. First of all, the local expedition company takes care of most of the logistics and organization: booking the mountain huts, transferring luggage at each stage, preparing picnic lunches etc. In addition, we usually arrange for an experienced local guide to lead the whole trip, who will ensure your safety and knows the routes very well, knows the best viewpoints and characteristic folklore, alpine flora and fauna, explains them along the way and opens the door to exploring the Alps and experiencing the local nature and customs in depth. The guide also knows about the local history, traditions, flora and fauna and will be an interesting traveling companion. Best of all, an outdoor adventure company like Altitude trekker can advise you on the most appropriate routes or tailor-make an itinerary according to your level and needs.

Question & Answer 07

How to get to the start of the Tour du Mont Blanc hike

There are several options for departure points, but the town of Les Souss in the Chamonix Valley is the most common departure starting point, with the official starting gate and the office of our adventure company Altitude trekker next to the gate. You can choose to travel to the Chamonix Valley by train, bus, car or airplane.

By train you just need to buy a train ticket to Chamonix-Mont Blanc. By car, you can park in the Fléger cable car parking lot, in the parking lot of your accommodation hotel (if permitted) or in any of the parking lots in the city.Flixbus and Ouibus also offer services to reach Chamonix, e.g. direct from Paris and other cities in France to Chamonix. Finally, you can also arrive by plane at Geneva or Chambéry airports, both about 90 kilometers from the town of Chamonix.

Question & Answer 08

How to Prepare Travel Documents for the Tour du Mont Blanc Trek

To prepare for your Tour du Mont Blanc, we recommend you purchase FFR's Tour du Mont Blanc book or visit a bookstore to purchase a standard map. These two Top 25 maps will help you see every detail of the Mont Blanc trek in detail:

- Top 25 Map 3630 OT (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Mont-Blanc)

- Top 25 Map 3531 ET (Saint-Gervais-les-Bains Mont Blanc)

You can also check out the routes of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek and its spurs on the IGN website

Question & Answer 09

Is it possible to complete the Tour du Mont Blanc with children?

Of course you can, but note that a trek of this size requires a child of a certain age, usually over nine, and a specialized guide. For this reason, we only accept children's registrations on our customized Tour du Mont Blanc treks, provided they are accompanied by a guardian.

As for the minimum age, we strongly recommend bringing children over 7 years old, and at least 9 years old for the Grand Tour. Children at this age have developed enough athleticism and muscular endurance so that they can be capable of completing the Tour du Mont Blanc trekking challenge. Also parents need to stock up their kids in advance with some outdoor experience they should have to complete this challenge. It is also necessary to prepare the difficulty of the route and suitable accommodation for the children.

Question & Answer 10

What is the Tour du Mont Blanc High Trail?

The High Route is an original route that circumnavigates the Mont Blanc trek by choosing a more advanced and wilder route than the traditional one. It is the product of our deep knowledge of this mountainous region and a special adventure for really exceptionally strong outdoorsmen! It's not just a loop around Mont Blanc, but will also be done via glaciers and rock climbing! The high road passes through some important passes and allows for unique nights in mountain huts.

The High Route doesn't have just one route, but an intricate mix of multiple routes and branches. It is usually experienced guides who take small groups of experienced people to experience a treacherous and mysterious part of Mont Blanc.

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